Can I buy or sell myself without a Realtor?

Absolutely you can! However do you know the correct documents needed? Not only the ones to legally complete the sale, but how to negotiate the sale and keep yourself out of hot water? Are you familiar with qualifying a buyer? Helping to get financed? Determining a fair market value? What inspections are necessary, and who pays what costs in a typical closing? There is a lot more to it than just putting a sign in the yard and cashing the check. These are just some of the reasons why you may want to hire a Realtor to help.


Do I have to pay 6% commission to sell my home?

Absolutely not! Each deal is negotiated between the realtor and the client. There is no set commission that must be paid.


Do I have to get pre-qualified to purchase a home?

No, however it does show the seller that you are making an offer to that you are a serious buyer, and have the ability to buy. This can and does set your offer apart, and is crucial if you are offering less than the asking price.


Is an inspection really necessary or can I just check out the home myself?

If it is a financed deal, some inspections will be required to satisfy the lender. On cash deals, no, they are not required however in my opinion you should always get an inspection as it is cheap insurance that could save you literally thousands of dollars, and untold headaches.


Does it always take 30 days to close on a house deal?

No. It can take more or less depending on the circumstances. On cash deals, especially houses that are owned outright I have seen it take less than a week, but in most financed deals depending on how quickly everything moves, 30-45 days is not uncommon.


How long will it take to sell my home?

I wish I knew! It is impossible to tell, and be wary of anyone telling you differently. You will hear the 60-90 days time frame, but every home is unique and presents different challenges that affect the time it takes to sell.  What time of year is it? What kind of condition is it in? Are repairs necessary? Is it the biggest or smallest house in the neighborhood? Is it in a popular neighborhood or twenty miles out in the country? And another one you may not have thought of...how many other homes does your realtor have for sale that are similar? Is your house the most important to your Realtor?


Why should I use Texas Premier instead of one of the big guys? (Coldwell Banker, Kelly,or Remax)

My favorite! Because I feel we give you the same or better service at a much lower cost! We use the same advertising/marketing outlets, including IDX feeds, links to Trulia, Zillow and Realtor.com. We produce quality flyers, new signage (ever seen those old faded yard signs that make your house look like it’s been on the market for years?) and maintain professional quality websites. But where we separate ourselves is in the one on one personal service. We only sell a few at a time, so your house is our entire focus, not the other hundreds of listings the big guys have. When you call, I will answer. If you have a question or idea I will answer or respond quickly. If you need some help getting something ready, or maintaining if you’ve already moved, I’ll do it. See if another Realtor will do that! Personal attention, Professional Results, that’s our motto and promise.


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